ENIK Energy wall

ENIK Energy Wall is an intelligent battery energy storage solution that stores your solar energy.

ENIK energy wall recharge it's batteries from energy generated by solar panels and stored energy can use when sun goes down or solar panels not generate energy due to bad weather. This enable solar energy 'YOU PRODUCE" for use 24x7 without any power outages. This make you Energy Independent and contribute to Green planet environment protection with low carbon foot print.

Canadian Technology


Application of Energy Wall & Advantages

  • Get the best advantage of solar renewable energy - Store solar energy 'YOU PRODUCE" for your usage 24x7
  • Energy Independence - Your produce energy you use. No dependence on the grid
  • Support low carbon foot print - Use solar energy 24x7, not taking power from the grid, which generate power using fossil fuels
  • Backup Energy storage - Continous power supply, Use stored energy to power your home during an outage
  • 24x7 Power Outage Protection - No more power outages due to adverse weather or grid power cuts
  • Low cost enegry - Produce energy from solar and store and use. Recharge with solar energy you produce daily - no operational cost
  • Seamless operation - Recharge with solar energy you produce and 24x7 seamless operation

ENIK Technology

ENIK Energy wall is an intelligent battery energy storage solution. Technology use is enhanced by core management software and it's user interface by web based UI and mobile App


  • Available in different kW sizes in single phase & three phase to match customer requirements
  • Available in 110V/230V in 50Hz/60Hz grid supply
  • Dimensions of ENIK energy wall - 600mm (24") Width x 1600mm (64") Height x 250mm (10") Depth
  • Customized energy walls can supply on request

Application of ENIK Technology

ENIK - Energy Wall mobile app & web service with it's core sorftware, facilitate you to monitor your solar energy on line, real time. Set your preferences to optimize for energy independence, Control your system from anywhere with remote access and instant alerts.

Features & Overviews
ENIK Energy Wall

ENIK Energy wall is designd and manufactured to cater modern day energy needs with futuristic design and technology

  • Elegant & futuristic design

  • Provision to fix Inverter in the upper section

  • Switchgears module to give required protection & control

    Surege Protector Device (SPD) for solar supply, DC MCB for Battery supply,DC MCB for solar supply, AC MCBs for grid in and load out

  • LiFePO4 batteries on the bottom section

  • Cable entry from top & bottom

  • Cable management system built-in

  • Provosion to earthing of all section to system earth

  • Ventilation louvers with vermin proof mesh

  • Free standing with heavy duty footings.

    Additional security by fixing to wall using wall mounting brackets

  • Front facia is clean as all locks are from side

  • Safety for people & pets. No exposed cables.

Speicification and dimensions given may change without prior notice